Dancing About Architecture is a series of free journalism courses that started out as a four week music course in November 2010. The latest course is Journalism 101, which will take place over Feb/March 2012.

It’s about experience and advice based education and information – telling people who want to get into various sectors of journalism the truth of the business, giving practical advice, encouragement and tips. The people who lecture are professional journalists working in various sectors of the media from print to radio, TV to online.

You don’t have to pay a load of money to get some random diploma that won’t prepare you for the working world of journalism. We talk about the practicalities of getting ahead in the game from people who have already succeeded in doing just that.

This course is entirely free. You won’t be paying a bean for this. Not a cent. Not even payment in kind.

You see, jobs in Irish journalism (paid ones at least) are almost non-existant at the moment. It’s also hard to get worthwhile work experience or internships, save the kind of work experience or internships where you’re just the skivvy. Dancing About Architecture is happening because a few working journalists have decided to come together and give those not yet working in the sector or being paid for their work a helping hand for free.

What we’re going to try to do is give you the best advice from those working in print, broadcast and digital journalism in Ireland. Putting that into practice is up to you. If you don’t learn anything, at least you’ve learned nothing for free.

For details on how to confirm a place at any or all of the lectures, keep an eye on the main blog.

For more information, contact Una Mullally: mullallyunaATgmailDOTcom


21 Responses to About

  1. John Connolly says:

    I’d love to go along to the lectures.

    So refreshing to see people getting together to do something new and exciting around the city. And free too. Quality!

    Looking forward to the 2nd..


  2. Kim V says:

    Right on!

  3. Paula says:

    How do you register for the programme and when?
    Sounds great!

  4. sean hickey says:

    hi, i would like to attend this course.

  5. Gordon says:

    I’d like to go – thanks for taking the time top pass on the wisdom

  6. Gordon says:

    Sign me up – I’d like to go! Thanks for taking the time to pass on the wisdom

  7. Daryl Keating says:

    Can you please send me on the details of how to apply to this lovely four week course?

  8. Eli says:

    heard Una on Phantom. Absolutely superlative! Can you make audio recordings of the classes to share online for those of us outside dublin or otherwise unable to attend? Pretty please?

  9. Beams says:

    Start me up!

    looking forward to the 2nd.

  10. Lynne Nolan says:

    Hi, I would like to attend this course if there are still spaces available. Thanks.

  11. Brian Hayes Curtin says:

    Great idea Una et al,

    I’d love to attend, so I’ll register my initial interest now! It would be great if someone would email details of how to register.



  12. Michelle says:

    Will it be podcast? Now that the 50 places have been filled it would be great to have access to the wisdom imparted each night

  13. Keith Farrell says:

    Hi there, I’m loving the sound of this please keep me a spot!



  14. Lisa C says:

    Amusingly I commented under the reading list just after the interview on the day, as I was reading through all the pages. Any chance of getting on the waiting list if I am not on the first list. Cheers,Lisa

  15. Marcel says:


    sorry about this clumsy way to get in touch, but any way to get on the waiting list?



  16. May I be added to the waiting list please?



  17. Andrew says:

    This is a great idea.

    Please put me on the waiting list, for this course or any future event.

    A podcast would be fantastic, too.


  18. Aine O Neill says:

    If you’re ever doing anything like this again, I’d be really interest in doing it. Cheers

  19. B Kane says:

    Would love to be kept in mind if your ever doing anything like this again!

  20. Rory Fogarty says:

    Hey Id love to be put on the waiting list for this!

    Looks like a great opportunity to kick start people into writing.

  21. Duffin says:

    I would love to be put on the waiting list for this or any other similar event,
    Ann Marie

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