Journalism 101: Week 4

Tonight, we’re getting our politricks on: Stephen Collins, political editor at the Irish Times, Lise Hand of the Irish Independent, and Shane Coleman, political editor of Newstalk will be heading to McGrattans to dish out advice on how to become a political reporter, what it takes, how they did it and how you can do it too.

Lise, Stephen and Shane are three of the finest political journalists in the country, so it’s a privilege to host them. Also, thanks to the world’s most elongated process that is publication of the Mahon Tribunal report that it didn’t drop today as otherwise this event would have been toast, or at the very least delayed until another date.

Like last week, when Kathy Sheridan, Shane Hegarty and Nadine O’Regan spoke about the skills one needs to make it as a feature writer (for Kathy, it’s about looking into the whites of people’s eyes, getting out and talking to people), hopefully this evening, we’ll get an outline of the sort of skill set someone needs to have Kildare Street as their beat.

I’ll see you in McGrattans.

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