Banter: Rip It Up And Start Again, March 1

This should be of interest to you guys.

From Jim Carroll’s blog:

The next Banter also has the makings of a lively night out. Rip It Up & Start Again gathers together a panel of journalism practitioners to look at the current state of the trade, where it goes from here, the rise of content aggregators and curators and what this means for established publications and titles. It’s a topic we’ve been meaning to return to since the infamous Publishing 2020 panel discussion back in November 2010 which got a lot of attention for what was said and argued about on the night. It’s also a theme which is very much in the ether at the moment thanks to articles like this (and thisthis and this), public discussions like this and radio show discussions like this. While there’s a lot of new media vs old media huffing and puffing going on at the moment in this debate, Rip It Up and Start Again hopes to take a much different approach to see where we go from here.

The panelists: Frank Fitzgibbon (Editor, The Sunday Times Ireland), Brian Fallon (co-founder Distilled Media andThe Journal), Gavin Sheridan (The Story.ieStoryful) and Paul Mallon (ex-deputy editor The Star On Sunday and assistant editor The Star, currently editorial manager at Paddy Power).

The discussion panel takes place at the Twisted Pepper on Thursday March 1. Doors open at 7.30pm, admission is free if you sign up to the Banter mailing list or a fiver on the door. We’re expecting a lot of interest in this one so sign up now if you’re interested in coming along.


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