Last night was the final in this first installment of Dancing About Architecture. Thank you so much to everyone who came down, and I hope you got something out of it. The feedback has all been really positive, and please feel free to continue to add your comments.

A giant thank you to all of those speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to you guys; Sophie Gorman, Phil Udell, Nialler9, Aoife Woodlock, Nadine O’Regan, Dylan Haskins and Aoife Barry. I’m reserving a special thanks to Jim Carroll for helping me with this from the start and not saying “no Una, that’s a stupid idea, you’re going to get in trouble. Again.” Thanks as well to McGrattan’s and Anthony Remedy for being kind enough to give us the space for free for four weeks. Thanks to Gav for helping out with the podcast. Thanks to all the journos, music industry people, musicians, label folk, PR dudes, bloggers, students, promoters and everyone else who supported this project. Also, big up to everyone who retweeted DAA news, spread the word and was generally sound about it, especially Phantom, Image magazine, The Irish Times and of course The Sunday Tribune.

Without going all Tyra Banks on your asses, this has been a big learning experience for me and it has all been far from perfect. However, like all good lessons, it means the next one will be better, as will the next one after that, and so on.

In terms of what works best, I think we’ll be sticking with what I’m calling experience and advice-based education. I think ultimately that’s often one thing missing from formal education in that you don’t actually hear about the practical pathways to work and meaningful advice to help you get to that work and improve at it. So that’s the format we’ll continue with.

One thing that I’m looking to do now is see what other elements can be improved and what other boundaries can be pushed. I’m becoming more enthusiastic about what spaces we can host DAA in in the future. Most of these conversations and plans have been happening in my head and in my notebooks, but I’m hoping to make them reality soon.

Obviously, it’s also crucial that all of this is always provided for free for those who want to sign up to it. I think even having a nominal fee or a contribution automatically creates a barrier.

So the next Dancing About Architecture will happen in January (date, time and location TBC, but I’m working on it.) It will be called Dancing About Architecture: Goes To The Movies and will be a two week course giving advice on how to get started and be good at film journalism and its trimmings. Much like DAA#1 we’ll have awesome journalists involved who really know their stuff. I’ll be opening registration for this in mid-Dec and there will be 35 places.

There will be another Dancing About Architecture (the music journalism version) in 2011 also. I’m also trying to put together a slightly more ambitious installment of Dancing About Architecture on another topic for 2011, but that’s in the very early stages of development. I’ll keep y’all updated.

In the meantime, this blog will continue to function as a notice board for DAA and I’ll also post details of any job or contributor opportunities I come across or that people send to me, relevent arts journalism news, add to the reading lists and so on, so do continue to check in.

Again, thanks for all the support. I think it’s really important to put random ideas into action in these crazy times that we’re living in, so if you think that you can do a better job than me – DO IT!


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