Writing opportunities (and other stuff)

A few people have been in touch who are interested in new writers, so if you guys would like to write for them, get in touch.

Pete from Thumped (http://thumped.com/) would like to hear from you if you’re up for reviewing gigs, albums or doing interviews. Thumped is an Irish music website that digs independent stuff. It also has a ‘lively’ forum and gig-bitching community. Get on to him at pete DOT brady AT gmail DOT com. He also specified “no hipsters” in his email. But I think that’s a double irony. Thumped already has some very decent writers on board, so get on that if you want to join them.

Kevin from Meg.ie (http://www.meg.ie/) was also on saying that their entertainment and music website is always looking for new voices and writers. Mail kevATmegDOT.ie or trishATmegDOTie to get on board.

Phantom FM have been on to me to see if any of you folks would be interested in joining their Phantom Daily listener review panel. They say, “We get three listeners in once a month to review 3 things – gig, movie, cd, book or whatever. It is aimed primarily at listeners rather than music journalists or bloggers but would be a good chance for someone with no experience or yet to get a chance to get their voice on air. Gigs/movies/cds or whatever are comped but it isn’t a paid assignment. It’s aimed at listeners who want to be part of the show.” They’ll be recruiting new panelists soon, so it would be a good opportunity to get on air and practice your broadcasting reviewing skills. Email panelATphantomDOTie for more info.

That’s all for now, see y’all this evening.


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