Digital Love

Hello everyone.

This evening, our second installment of Dancing About Architecture is happening same place same time, upstairs in McGrattan’s off Baggot St/Merrion Row at 6pm.

Tonight’s lecture is ‘Digital Love’ and will be all about teh internetz.

I’ll give a short intro about music journalism online to set the tone for the evening, as it were, and then our guests – who are basically the two biggest names in online music journalism in this country Nialler9 and Phil Udell – will say their bits.

Phil is the editor of and and also the presenter of State Of Play on Phantom 105.2.

Niall has won approx a bajillion awards for his music blog Nialler9. He is also the web editor of and he writes for the Irish Independent’s Day And Night magazine.

We’re looking forward to a lively evening of conversation and questions, so get yizzer thinking caps on. We’ll hopefully cover topics like how writing online differs from print, how to make the most of a music blog, IMRO V Irish bloggers, podcasting, the transition from print to online publishing and loads more stuff.

See you there.


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