It’s the final countdown, doodleoodoo

So day one of Dancing About Architecture is upon us.

The course begins this evening from 6pm-9pm upstairs in McGrattan’s off Baggot St behind the Merrion Hotel. If you don’t know where the Merrion Hotel is, don’t worry, you’ll be interviewing Bruce Springsteen there in a few years.

A few housekeeping issues;
1. The speakers tonight are Jim Carroll, Sophie Gorman and Una Mullally. Sinead Gleeson can’t make it so Una is replacing her talk, which sucks for you guys!
2. We can’t guarantee you will learn anything, but if you don’t, at least you have learned nothing for free.
3. If you’re bored you can leave.
4. Yes, you can order a drink or whatever during the evening, there will be staff there to bring it to you.
5. There will be a break around halfway through for smoking/superfast pool competition.
6. We will be taking questions after every speaker, so bring your phone or a pen and paper to make some notes.
7. At the end of this evening you MUST sign up for next week if you want a place on Digital Love with Professor of Digitalism Nialler9, otherwise your place will be stolen from underneath your nose by someone on the lengthy waiting list. It’s just like being in the Sugababes.
8. See yiz tonight.

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3 Responses to It’s the final countdown, doodleoodoo

  1. I am just spotting this now – it looks fantastic and I am sure there’s a huge waiting list. If you’re ever running it again, talk to me about a free lecture theatre here at NCI. We’re in the IFSC, D1, 2 minutes walk from Connolly Station — and we have our own LUAS stop now! (Mayor Square/NCI).

  2. QUINT says:

    It seems there are a lot of disappointed people who have missed out on this. There is a waiting list but it looks like no one has dropped out of the original 50 places. There should be a second course early next year?

  3. Ken Fallon says:

    Where’s the comment I posted earlier gone?

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