Hey guys,

The reaction to Dancing About Architecture has kind of taken us by surprise. The first 30 places were filled 20 minutes after we announced the course on Phantom yesterday. An additional 20 places were filled ten minutes after that. We’re trying our best to accomodate everyone and deal with a backlog of comments and emails.

Hopefully later today we’ll have the class list up on the blog (you all left an email address with your comments which I’ll mail to confirm your presence for week one.) We’ll then start a waiting list, again on a first come first serve basis. It would be cool if anyone who has signed up and can’t make it could let us know asap just so we can give that place to someone else, as we’re very oversubscribed at the moment.

We’ll also be adding to the reading list over the coming days. Feel free to leave comments with your own suggestions for examples of awesome music journalism.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, this is going to be fun.

Una & the DAA (non-airport related) team.

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3 Responses to Woah!

  1. Gita lalloo says:

    Hey would really appreciate it if you could put my name on the waiting list please?!

  2. AJ says:

    Hi, only heard about this last night – would love to get involved. Any chance of going on the waiting-list??

  3. girlfromthehills says:

    Hi there,

    My friend pointed out the Hotpress course and then I saw it was €900 – a little too expensive for me. Well done for getting together on this. Sounds like an interesting course. I see I’ve missed the boat this time round but hopefully you might run it again or put up podcasts for those who missed out!

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